Sunday, November 22, 2009

Tech N9ne ft. Krizz Kaliko "Leve Me Alone" Official Video

This is truly one of the best songs I've heard that literally includes a meaning to it with a dope lyrics, nice beat and a crazy hook. I can relate so much to this song. Alot of people don't really care for Tech N9ne's music, but he has alot of hot shit. Damn near 10 albums. He's underrated like shit too!! The wordplay and beats are a combination. I started bumping Tech's music like almost 2 years now I believe. Yes! I know Im late on Tech N9ne. I've heard of him, but really never payed attention to his music. Now I do!! This song is off the his new album K.O.D. and did I mention the video is on point by the way...

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Portable Microwave!!!!

Having a 12v portable microwave in your car is pretty cool, but I bet waiting for your food to cook would be a betch haha..


The fuck!! Like who does this is?? "SMH" All I can say is "Well ummm...yeah"

Eye Tattoos??

I've pretty much seen everything in my 22 1/2 years in my life but eye tattoos?? I always respect people who stand out. I like tattoos and have a few myself, but I don't think I'll get my eye tattooed. Hmm..then again it's very creative and cool, but in the long run who knows what kind of affects it'll have on your eye tho..

R.Kelly Feat. Tyrese - Pregant

I fools with Kells and Tyrese music, but I hope this niggas aint deadass (serious) lls. I notice guys do things like that intentionally if the girl is like real bad (fine) or phat. I mean I don't hate the song. Its just that having a baby by random girls, whats the point of that?? Like really..when the child support rolls around it'll be a different story for sure. An having unprotected sex nowadays scares the hell out of me. Im sorry!! If your planning on to tap make sure u strap lls..

Monday, November 16, 2009

Losing interest!!

OMG!! I'm losing interest in alot of things and I don't know why!! Help!!! "giggles" Mostly things from that watching tv to people. Some people tell me its, because Im maturing which is true, but damn. "Hmph" I used to dance like everyday (practice that is) now I barely do. I mean still go to the clubs/parties and dance. That's something that won't never change,although Im back on my shit now Ha! Watching dance videos and movies motivated more. Now to cars "clearing throat" The whole import scene is something I will never grow out of but lately I've been falling out of interest..just a lil bit. I used to be on the automotive forums heavy, nowadays I dont be on it like I used to. Another reason why I could be losing interest is that I dont having my Nissan 240sx "Danny Boi" running, there hasn't been any racing lately going on around town and my friends are getting all these chill cars. Don't get me wrong now..there's nothing wrong with a chill car but damn have a import on the side at least "smh" Me and my friends actually had racing group. Ahhhh!! The good times..Once I get this car running I will definitely bring those old times back by networking. Now about people! I lost interest in some of my friends, because I found out there fake, not doing absolutely nothing with their life just smoking and drinking really just not having no goals or ambition. Oh did I mention..not having decency for themselves "Hmph". This is something that always happens to me, losing interest in females "Fast". Not in a way where It's physically. For example: I could meet a nice girl at a store, club, gogo or wherever and we exchange numbers. So we talk for a about a week or two. After that I just lost interest in the girl like that "snapping finger". When I was younger I fell deeply in love with this girl who didn't care for me at all. It lasted for a number of years, until one day it was something she said to me that just dismantled me. That day I had my very 1st heart broken. I was a preteen at the time and this girl is still around town but we cool although I dont contact her not one bit. Her baby daddy too busy whipping her ass and shit "hmph" "smh". Anyway after that I fell for a few girls who didn't care for me as well "Silly me" "smh". There were a number of girls who were sweating on me hard, but I didn't feel that connection. Also I had a number of chances with certain but I messed up. Not in a way where there was another girl involved. It was just that my situation and how I carried myself screwed things. Oh well!! Ever since I had my heart broken I've never fell for a girl longer than 1-4 months. Now its like 2-4 weeks!! Im deadass btw..maybe one day I'll actually fall in love again, until then Im doing me by making these power moves in life. V-Wayyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!

The Clipse "Door Man"

My niggas did it again!! Clipse are too fucking raw and still underrated "smh"